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Correct Substrate is Just as Important as the Printing Process.  Improper substrate for your process or application can lead to unwanted print quality issues as well as post processing problems down stream. Understanding this important part of the process is critical. To ensure a streamlined variable data printing process SIC provides, training classes, color profiling, print quality analysis, paper, color and print quality training to end users, mills, OEMs and distributors. Knowing will save ink, frustration and downtime!   

We can help you with common color and print quality issues:

  • Washed out color
  • Low image definition
  • Poor dot definition
  • Dot bridging
  • Dot gain
  • Print show thru
  • Color to color compatibility
  • Image color shift
  • Ink drying or curing
  • Surface tension
  • Incorrect ICC color profiles and device links
  • Side to side color difference
  • Surface tension
  • Print mottle
  • Substrate cockle
  • Finishing and post process issues
  • Edge sharpness
  • Image fuzziness
  • Legibility 4 to 6pt san serif
  • Registration color to color
  • Barcode ISO Rating

Image Color... Color may be subjective, but color quality standards are not. SIC runs to proper data sets developed from the G7 methodology process to ensure your print quality is measured, matched and process repeatable.

SIC believes image quality is achieved by understanding the entire inkjet process. Variable data and artwork preparation, rip and dithering, movement of substrate, type of substrate, ink to surface compatibility, and dot formation plays a big part in the final print quality.

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